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KELIA business club is an intellectual club that holds lectures given by famous entrepreneurs, business leaders, cultural figures on relevant and trending topics in economic, social and cultural agenda.


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Calendar of events
The event of the business community "1A Class"
Forum of moderators
Russian School. Nowadays Challenges.
REBORN workshop
Skolkovo Entrepreneurs Club
Lecture by businessman Leonid Boguslavsky
Lawyer Ekaterina Dukhina
Meeting of Dmitry Shamenkov about psychophysiology
Master class of Maxim Feldman
"Letovo School as a philanthropic project"
The meeting of Diana Laretskaya
Speech by Ekaterina Shulman
Business breakfast of the psychologist Olga Marey
Business breakfast with Alexander Volkov
Meeting of director and screenwriter Andrey Zvyagintsev
Lecture by Alexander Romanov
Alexander Khuruji
New year's eve strategy session of the Elbrus Club
Alexander Khuruji met with Falcon club
Business breakfast with Sergey Ryazansky with participants of YPO
"Elbrus Club"
Forum-meetings of Falcon club
Meeting of business partners at KELIA business club.
Start of a new forum of the Elbrus Club
Forum-meeting of YPO
Forum-meeting of Falcon club
Business breakfast of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belgium and Luxembourg
Andrey Sharonov meets with YPO
Forum-meeting of Falcon club at KELIA
Presentation of Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina" by Yegor Sartakov
Meeting with Alexander Voloshin
Lecture by Vadim Kurilov
Lecture by Ilya Kolmanovsky
Intensive training by the famous lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky
Ward Howell production center
Meetings of Elbrus club
Forum-meeting of mentors of the Young Presidents' Organization
A series of forum meetings at KELIA business club within the SKOLKOVO Business club
Lecture by Andrey Bezrukov
Сonversation with Roman Sychev
Lecture by Alexander Ghotby
Private film's presentation of "Yves Saint Laurent. Style is me"
Private lecture by the President of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Private film evening of Jaeger-LeCoultre
"Geniuses of Cote d'azur"
Series of private discussions by SKOLKOVO International Club
Bartini Flying Car
Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO
Meeting of participants of the Harvard club
Closed event of the women's club
The Harvard alumni club
Alexander Dobrovinsky's lecture "He and She"
Lecture series by Jean-Franco Ritschel
"Marc Chagall - the genius of one sense"
The meeting of communications Directors of major companies
Tatyana Polyakova's lecture
The business breakfast "Three generations of entrepreneurs"
"Trajectory of personal development"
Alexander Dobrovinsky's lecture
Brunch of the Cheval Blanc Randheli hotel
Arctic. An ocean of possibilities
"Path to LP. Practice of investment in venture funds"
"How to be a good parent"
Business Security. Rules of the Game
The private meeting with MyGenetics chief specialist Lyudmila Seledtsova
"Secrets of the Berezovsky and Abramovich case: behind the scenes of the trial of the century"
Closed meeting with Mikhail Petrov
Business breakfast of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belgium and Luxembourg
Closed meeting with Natalia and Elena Baklanovs
Meeting with Mikhail Poghosyan
Researching your subconscious
"Düsseldorf Days in Moscow"
Closed business dinner with Michael Broytman
Meeting with political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko
"How to create meaning for life, connect to your goal and realize your potential"
The meeting with Boris Titov
Business Continuity Planning
The meeting with Russian journalist, editor-in-chief of radio station "Echo Moskvy" Alexey Venediktov
"The trajectory of personal development."
The meeting with Lucia Suleimanova
"Atlanty Talk" with Vadim Dymov
KELIA held a public talk on managing a creative team
Thematic evening "The Shantar Islands: between water and fog"
Manfred Kets de Vries' lecture
The meeting with Jack Kingston
Bang&Olufsen Movie Show
Lecture by Andrei Bezrukov
Lecture by Lucia Suleimanova on: Love Boat and Finance - looking for a fairway
Lecture by Alexander Dobrovinsky
The meeting with Andrei Sharonov