Loyalty cards | KELIA business club


KELIA creates comfortable environment for successful people —

KELIA business club is an intimate setting, that is precisely why there is club membership limit. Personal comfort of each guest is a major priority for us. KELIA functions on annual fee principle. By acquiring club key-card of certain access level, you receive fixed or unlimited number of visits per year as well as access to all club services.


Club members can enjoy the following privileges:

Office in historical
and business center of Moscow

Bar and restaurant area

Active calendar of

Business space for
work and leisure

Consulting services

Silver key

Personal club card with the right to constant visiting and hosting guests (includes 100 visits a year and 50 guest visits a year)

The card includes:
  • possibility to use conference room once a year
Gold key

Personal card card with unlimited access to the club with the right to host guests (includes 100 guest visits)

The card includes:
  • safe deposit box to store personal belongings
  • possibility to use conference room twice a year
  • parking on request