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Lecture by Andrei Bezrukov

What do you expect from the new U.S. administration? As a result of the most interesting elections in U.S. history, it will affect U.S.-Russian relations.

"Trump's victory was the second American revolution. In eight years' time it will be another country - and it's not because of Trump," says Andrei Bezrukov, Associate Professor of Applied Analysis of International Problems at MGIMO, before that he was the head of Future Map, a consulting company specializing in government and corporate strategic planning and forecasting systems. Yesterday, with an incredible sell-out and behind closed doors at the KELIA club, he gave a lecture "What to expect from the new U.S. administration?" for members of the club and graduates of Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard in Russia. The speaker was applauded as at the premiere at the Bolshoi Theatre.

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