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Business Continuity Planning

On September 18, the KELIA business club hosted a meeting with the famous Russian businessman and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan in the format of the "Atlanty" club on the theme: "Succession planning in business."

Ruben Vardanyan spoke about how he is trying to change the world for the better.
Leaving Sberbank, to whom he sold Troika Dialog for $1.3 billion, Ruben Vardanian created the investment boutique Vardanian, Broytman and Partners, Philin, which helps to create infrastructure for charity, and Phoenix Advisors, which is engaged in protection of welfare and preparation of the succession plan. ⠀
This problem is particularly worrying for Ruben Karlenovich: many Russian businessmen of the first wave are now 50-60 years old, and in the next 20 years there will be a problem of transferring states - for the first time in the recent history of Russia.

The world is changing, and Ruben Karlenovich is trying to contribute to it and to jump ahead in something - he has always played for a long time.
Many of us are afraid of the rapid changes -  the global craving for the past: it is also familiar and understandable. Vardanian is trying to escape from the problems and live in the future!

During the evening, the guests of the meeting formed a clear opinion that Ruben Vardanian's success was not just the result of a long and serious work on himself.


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