Club policy | KELIA business club


KELIA creates comfortable environment for successful people —

Fundamental principles of KELIA business club functioning are privacy and preservation of confidentiality, special requirements to club members servicing and provision of concierge services in a convenient form.

To maximize comfort of club members and guests you must observe some simple rules while in the club in order to create favorable atmosphere

Club rules

New club members are invited by personal invitation of club management or upon recommendation of club card holders. The total number of cards is limited, and upon reaching the limit, issue of cards will be stopped. You can leave an application to join the club on our website or in person. We will review the application and contact you.


Admission to the club is strictly by club cards during working hours. Working hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 10 pm, on Saturdays Kelia business club works on request. A member must present the club card upon each visit. In case of its loss/damage the client must immediately notify club administration. Duplicate card will be issued at the earliest possible date, unless other period or transmission procedure is individually agreed upon with the client. Duplicate card issue is free of charge once throughout the entire validity period of the card. Upon expiry of validity period the card must be returned to club administration.


Cards are not to be transferred to third parties or reissued.


Club member can invite maximum three guests at a time. If your guests arrive before you, please, give their names to club administration by calling +7 (495) 775 0720 or by e-mailing to Invited guests can stay at the club until arrival of the cardholder no more than an hour. The same guest can visit the club with you no more than 5 times a month. Afterwards he will be offered to acquire a club card.


Booking of meeting/events room must be agreed upon with club administration in advance.


Besides basic services included into all types of club cards, the club offers wide range of additional services, In case you decide to make use of our additional services, please inform the club assistant in advance, preferably 4 hours prior to anticipated use.

If you require services of a lawyer, security guard or translator, please inform us 24 hours in advance. When booking the services by phone or e-mail, please give us the name of the cardholder, card number and other details. Additional services are paid by deposit system or at the day of providing services, unless agreed otherwise.


You are allowed to drink beverages from bar menu in any area of the club, except working area and the library. Meals from restaurant menu can be ordered in Loft-bar and small drawing room. If you have any special meal preferences, please inform our chef in advance and we will gladly make it happen. It is prohibited to bring your own food and drinks.


Parking is provided upon request, subject to availability of space. If you need to use parking services, please notify the club assistant in advance and provide license plate number and time of arrival.


For your convenience there is a separate cigar room where you can smoke cigars and cigarillos. Other areas of the club are non-smoking.


Rearrangement of furniture in working area, photography and video recording are prohibited without prior consent of club administration.


You are kindly requested to refrain from phone conversations in working area and the library. If possible, put you cell phone on silent mode in order to create the most favorable environment in the club.


Please leave your coats in the cloakroom. If you need to use an individual safe deposit box you can rent it by addressing the club assistant.


The club reserves the right to deny members and their guests entrance to the club in sportswear, beach wear, etc.; with children, animals, as well as under obvious influence of alcohol or drugs. Club administration assumes no responsibility for loss of any valuables.


Club members bear financial responsibility for loss and damage of used equipment, interior items, furniture, and are liable for compensation.


In the event of noncompliance with club rules, the administration reserves the right to ask members or their guests to leave the club, and in case of subsequent violations – refuse further servicing.