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KELIA business club

KELIA is a business place with uniquely designed interior where each member of the club has his own atmosphere for holding negotiations and meetings with partners, establishment of new business connections, running mini-conferences, as well as for presentation of projects to investors in a conference room in chamber setting.

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2 minutes from Kremlin

About us
Leisure areas
Capacity up to
100 people
Class A+
Working days
Monday to Friday
Working hours
9am to 10pm
KELIA creates comfortable environment for successful people —

KELIA business club capitalizes every single minute of your time spent there, allows you to think over and discuss new ideas among equals, and protects you from ineffective dealings and unwanted attention. KELIA business club is your personal reception office in the center of Moscow where you can schedule a personal or business meeting. Library, two drawing rooms, cigar room, meeting rooms and conference room are at your service.

KELIA functions on annual fee principle.

KELIA business club is a team of professionals with considerable work experience with corporate CEOs and with understanding of needs of such people in servicing.

The name and concept of the club are not incidental, as initially historical mansion on Vozdvizhenka street in XVIII century used to be a residence in cathedrals ministers within Kremlin with cells in monastery of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Ideal solution for entrepreneurs, businessmen and creative thinkers who are not tied to work schedule “from 9am to 6pm”

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KELIA business club – your personal reception office in the center of Moscow