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Business Security. Rules of the Game

In recent past KELIA business club, a unique exclusive business club near Kremlin, was the venue of business cocktail «Business Security. Rules of the Game". Cocktail was organized in the popular business talk pattern and focused on relevant subject of business security and taxation.

Dmitry Vodchits, head of taxation practice in KSK Group, permanent invited expert in Forbes, Kommersant, Expert, Business FM, RBC, served as the main speaker.

In the course of the event guests were offered to taste Scotch whisky from Ian Macleod Distillers.

Business program of the event included three blocks of subjects dealing with business tax security.

Live jazz, exquisite buffet, ideal ground for discussions and proper company created special atmosphere of light business communication. It served as the source of new ideas, projects, collaborations and business cooperation. ⠀

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