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Researching your subconscious

On October 31, KELIA Business Club in the format of Atlanta Business Club held a closed master class with Alexander Mukhin on the theme "Exploring your subconscious".

Alexander Vladimirovich - General Director of the Research Center for Experimental Technologies.

The technology presented at the meeting, which allows to test the reaction of human subconsciousness, caused a heated discussion. There was much to be surprised about, because for a long time any research results, somehow related to the study of human subconsciousness, have never been publicly announced.

Alexander Mukhin states: Screen to Screening Technology (S2S) proves that the human brain functions on the principle of an optical computer.
"Yes, the term is only known in narrow circles, but by the way visual information is received and processed, the human brain does function like a computer, only it is much more complex.
Many information technology companies are working transparently or implicitly to create an interface that would allow a person to control a computer using speech". ⠀
"I'm sure that in some time it will be possible to create an interface that will read the thoughts of man"!