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"How to be a good parent"

In the recent past, the KELIA hosted an organized business breakfast on "How to be a good parent" in the format of YPO event
with the author of "How to pass values to your children", Richard Ayer. Richard is well over 70, has 9 children, 31 grandchildren, a happy marriage, and almost 50 published books about parenting.

One of the most acute problems of parenting in affluent families is the sense of entitlement that teenagers grow up with. They feel "that everything is owed to them" and their main task is to consume.

Richard considers the "Family economy" to be a partial solution to the problem. "Cleaned the common room, cooked breakfast for everyone, finished the school year with an excellent grade - get paid." Richard believes that it is necessary to teach and properly manage this income. ⠀